Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Hello again,
I've been thinking about music and health. You can often end up a little unhealthy as a result of music. It might be that you go to a festival and drink too much beer and eat at the Mexican stall for a week, it might be that you spend all your spare cash on travelling to gigs and can only afford to eat gruel for the rest of the year or it might be that you jump up and down too much at a concert and struggle to walk for a few days afterwards. These are all potential dangers to watch out for.
When we recorded the last Bellowhead album, we ate lots of microwave food and meals out. It didn't always work out too well.

Here's Brendan enjoying a microwave beef lasagne with a salad, topped off with a bag of cheese and onion crisps....mmmmm!

Eating out doesn't always guarantee a better quality meal either. Paul was loving his spaghetti bolognese!

Pete found some mushrooms behind a Travelodge...but nobody was brave enough to eat them!
Touring can be quite unhealthy too. Late nights, early mornings, travelling, service station food and perhaps a little beer or two of an evening do not help in the slightest. You know the food is bad if Justin can't eat it.
Squeezy John and Sam even resorted to eating lemons.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not moaning, it's merely an observation that as a result of music, we don't always take care of ourselves. 
But it needn't be this way. On the last Bellowhead tour we ate well, stopping off at supermarkets to stock up on REAL food! 

Here's myself and Gideon enjoying a smoked salmon and cream cheese baguette with a little glass of Cote de Road on the tour bus.

I decided to continue this new healthy way of life and with the view that healthy musicians are happy musicians. When we arrived there was a toaster and a microwave...adequate but limited.

So I bought a few additions to the studio so that I could cook up a feast every day. 
A slow cooker, a toastie maker...
and best of all...a steamer! Real veg...woo!
So I've been hard at work in the kitchen...
...and look at the joy on their little faces!
Well fed musicians are happy musicians.
So this is my last blog for now, I'll be locked away in the studio for most of January.
I wish you all a healthy and happy 2009. See you at a Bellowhead gig somewhere soon. 
Don't read too much into this healthy blog though. Feel free to bring us treats. 
We like chocolate brownies and wine.

love Rachael xxx

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