Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's not cold up north today

It's been a lovely day up in Newcastle today, the sun was shining and it didn't feel Christmassy at all! I think the Bellowhead boys think I live at the North Pole. They keep asking me when I'm moving south and everytime we play anywhere north of the Watford Gap they all pipe up saying "It's cold up north"...well today IT WASN'T! :)
Today we moved into the recording studio...no more daylight for the Rachael McShane Band for a few weeks. We went in to get set up today and do a little rehearsing 
before the recording starts. My keyboard player JP was late so we had a little bet on what time he would arrive, with a £3 jackpot...woo! Playing in a folk band we can all afford to splash the cash. Drummer Adam was the winner and JP was overjoyed to discover he'd been the subject of a little game. However, Adam forgot to take his winnings so he will find himself a pound down and myself and bass player Jonathan are 50p up...good times! I get the feeling that it may be the first of many little bets on the reliability of JP! Anway we're all set up and ready to go now, we'll be back in there for more rehearsing tomorrow. No christmas parties for 
us tomorrow, but we might perhaps eat mince pies and wear party hats. 
That's all for today, we've got lots to do tomorrow so time for an early night I think. Sleep in heavenly peas. 
Love Rachael x

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